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Business development support to 21 cooperatives and SACCOs across Uganda


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Goldstone Consulting provided business development support to 21 cooperatives and SACCOs spread across Uganda, focusing on renewable energy, agribusiness, and finance sectors.

Goldstone Consulting was engaged by Uhuru Institute to provide Business Development Services to Cooperatives so far 24 Cooperatives have been trained. The objective of the training was to equip these cooperatives with business development skills, focusing on the preparation of business and strategic plans tailored to their specific needs.


  1. Lack of Business Development Skills: Many cooperatives lacked the necessary business development skills to effectively manage their operations and plan for long-term sustainability. This can lead to inefficiencies, limited growth opportunities, and challenges in accessing markets and financing.
  2. Limited Access to Training and Mentorship: Cooperatives, especially those in rural or underserved areas, face challenges in accessing training and mentorship programs tailored to their specific needs. Without proper guidance and support, they may struggle to develop and implement effective business and strategic plans.
  3. High Unemployment Rates: In regions where these cooperatives operate, there is high unemployment rates, particularly among youth and women. Providing business development training and facilitating job creation within cooperatives is helping to address this issue by empowering individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to gain employment and contribute to economic growth.
  4. Under-representation of Youth and Women: Youth and women entrepreneurs within cooperatives face unique challenges and barriers to participation and leadership. Addressing these barriers and providing targeted support helps promote inclusivity and diversity within cooperatives, leading to more sustainable and equitable economic development.
  5. Limited Economic Opportunities in Rural Areas: Cooperatives often operate in rural areas where economic opportunities may be limited. By equipping cooperatives with business development skills and facilitating job creation, this project aims to stimulate economic activity and create new opportunities for growth and development in these communities.

Our Approach

Goldstone Consulting adopted a mixed delivery approach, utilizing bespoke training modules and materials. Weekly group sessions were conducted, alongside one-on-one mentorship and coaching sessions with facilitators. Face-to-face sessions were also arranged for accessible cooperatives, with flexibility in interaction methods. Adult learning techniques were employed to ensure efficient delivery of content.

Innovation & Results

  1. Customized Training Modules: Goldstone Developed customized training modules and materials tailored to the specific needs and challenges faced by cooperatives in the renewable energy, agribusiness, and finance sectors. These modules focus on practical skills development in business planning, strategic management, market access, and financial literacy.
  2. Mixed Delivery Approach: Goldstone adopted a mixed delivery approach that combines traditional classroom-style training with innovative methods such as online learning platforms, and interactive workshops. This ensures accessibility and flexibility for cooperatives, especially those in rural or underserved areas.
  3. One-on-One Mentorship and Coaching: We also provide personalized mentorship and coaching sessions to cooperative members, offering guidance and support in implementing business and strategic plans. This hands-on approach has helped to address specific challenges and fosters individualized learning and growth among the various cooperatives that we are working with.
  4. Technology Integration: Goldstone has Integrated technology tools and platforms to enhance learning and communication among cooperative members. These include using online collaboration tools, virtual classrooms, and digital resources for accessing training materials
  5. Community Engagement: We foster community engagement and participation in the project by involving local stakeholders, leaders, and organizations in the planning and implementation process. This promotes inclusivity, ownership, and sustainability of the project outcomes within the communities served.
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation Framework: Develop a robust monitoring and evaluation framework to track the progress and impact of the training program. Utilize data analytics, feedback mechanisms, and performance indicators to continuously assess effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and ensure accountability.

By implementing these innovation methods, the UHURU Institute project can enhance the effectiveness and sustainability of its business development support to cooperatives, ultimately empowering youth and women entrepreneurs, creating jobs, and stimulating economic growth in rural areas.Top of Form

Quantitative Achievements

  1. Cooperatives Trained: Goldstone Consulting successfully trained 24 cooperatives in business development services, equipping them with essential skills to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability.
  2. Jobs Created: The improved business and strategic planning is expected to result in each cooperative creating an average of five new jobs within the first year of implementing their plans. This totals to 115 new jobs across all five cooperatives.
  3. Youth and Women Impacted: Approximately 60% of cooperative members are youth and women entrepreneurs. With 24 cooperatives trained, this directly impacts an estimated 720 youth and women. Considering the indirect effects on families and communities, the total number of beneficiaries could reach up to 1645 individuals.


Nasuuna Gorreti

Manager - Munakukaama Kisubi SACCO

The training provided by Goldstone Consulting was instrumental in transforming our cooperative. We now have a clearer understanding of business development strategies and are equipped with the skills needed to improve our operational efficiency. Thanks to this training, we are confident in our ability to create new job opportunities and contribute to the economic growth of our community.

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